The garden has been reconfigured a number of times, during Hurst House’s use as private homes and then as a school. Previous stables at Hurst House have gone altogether but the Doric columns which used to stand in front of them have been used in the  garden buildings. The pavilions shown above draws its classical style from a Greek temple portico.

Hurst House Woodford 1954 Garden

In 1954 a plan was commissioned from a famous garden designer of the time, Percy Cane to unify the garden.  His winding grass paths through the curved flower beds remain to this day as does the rose garden with a small ornamental pond at its centre.  The water in this small pond reflects the marble statue of Venus who was the Roman goddess of love and beauty with cupid.  The classical urns which are placed around the garden also reflect the classical architecture of Hurst House.

Hurst House Woodford Green - Gardens

Hurst House Woodford Green - Gardens

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On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October 2014 Hurst House opened its gates to welcome over 1,000 visitors to enjoy the gardens, as part of the Woodford Festival and a celebration of the 300 year anniversary. Click here to read more.